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Achievement of Automation in Recent Year

1. Guangzhou Iron and Steel 420m3 (3 number) BF "Three" general contracting


Blast furnace body and the external facilities of the computer control system, electrical transmission system, high and low voltage power distribution, automation instruments and communication design, manufacture, equipment, software programming, site commissioning and operation of escort.

Blast furnace body and the roof system

Blast furnace trough and trough on the system

Hot blast furnace system

BF circulating water system

Blast furnace slag system

Blast furnace dust and flue gas purification system

Blast furnace pulverized coal injection system

Blast Air Station and the hydraulic system

Use the equipment:

Siemens PCS7-400 control system

Siemens 6SE70 speeder

WinCC5.1 monitoring software

2. Guangzhou Iron and Steel 306m3 (5 number) blast transformation of "Three" system


Blast furnace body and the external facilities of the computer control system, electrical transmission system, automatic instrument design, manufacture, equipment, software, programming, site commissioning and operation of escort.

Use the equipment:

Siemens S7-400 control system

Siemens 6RA70 speeder

WinCC5.1 monitoring software

3. The whole factory in Guangzhou Zhujiang Iron and Steel Company Monitoring System auxiliary energy media


Public auxiliary facilities, the whole factory automation equipment supply packages, user software design, programming, debugging and escort.

Boost pump storm water pumping station sewage pumping station

Water softening station

Steel water

Air Station

Light Diesel library

Cooling Station

integrative management of the building

6KM the plant LAN

Use the equipment:

Siemens PLCS7-300, S7-400

INTELLUTION company monitoring software FIX6.15

4. Kunming Iron and Steel 2000M3 sixth blast of the main and auxiliary facilities in all public basic design and detailed software design and commissioning, commissioning escort.


2000M3 blast furnace body


The system slot slot

Auxiliary systems

Use the equipment:

Honeywell TDC3000 distributed control system, totalplant process control system.

United States, GE 90-70 Series PLC

5. Handan Iron and Steel 2000M3 BF & C system design and complete sets of hardware and software supply


2000M3 blast furnace systems

Groove, the winch and roof system

Hot air furnace system

Use the equipment:

Siemens S7 series PLC, S7300, S7400PLC, FIX7.0 and digital speed control equipment 6RA70-type, H1 net

6. Xiang 2 # converter steel making and steel casting and three-system design, software programming, debugging, and complete supply


80t top and bottom blowing converter

Flue gas recovery

Evaporative cooling

Billet continuous casting machine

Use the equipment:

Siemens TI555, TI557 Series PLC

Siemens PCS surveillance operation station

7. Guangzhou Zhujiang Steel crane unloading port 30T electric drive system design


30t unloader

Digital Transmission System

Control system

Monitoring Operating System

Use the equipment:

Digital transmission equipment, Siemens 6RA24

S7 series PLC

INTELLUTION company monitoring software FIX6.15

8. Kunming Iron and Steel 650 mill, high-speed wire rod project put into operation in programming and debugging, software design


The main rolling line (in the rolling and finishing)

Shear (1 # flying shear, cut head, cut tail, accident; 2 # flying shear, cut head, cut tail, chopped; 3 # Flying Shear , length, optimize)

Cooling bed area system

Finishing area system

Auxiliary system

Use the equipment:

U.S. GEDC2000, UC2000, AV/DV300 speed control equipment, control system 90-70 series PLC, Industrial Ethernet, two computer

9. Baosteel 2050 hot rolling mill renovation project system design, software development, debugging, and complete sets of equipment supply

Based automation of the laminar cooling

Rough rolling process control system front-disclaimer transformation

Convexity based automation system

Tension control system

10. Baosteel 1580mm hot rolling mill 3 Stepping silicon furnace basic automation software engineering instruments

Responsible for the instrumentation part of the automation system

Use the equipment:

Yokogawa μXL system

11. Handan Iron and Steel coke oven 6 complete sets of hardware and speed automation equipment guide

Use the equipment:

Siemens S7 series PLC

FIX6.15 monitoring software

12. Shenzhen Bao An Gongming water


60,000 tons water plant

Dosing System

Filter system

Pump system

Use the equipment:

Siemens S7 series PLC, FIX7.0 and Industrial Ethernet

13. Guangzhou Wenchong Shipyard Crane 200T electric drive and automation systems

14. Handan Iron and Steel 1260M3 furnace drive renovation project

15. Shenzhen Frequency Beacon Hill water filter system

16. Laiwu Steel 4 Continuous Automation Systems

17. Laiwu Steel pulverized coal injection automation

18. Laigang 2 # CC automation system

19. Laiwu Steel Shaft Furnace Automation Systems

20. Laiwu Steel furnace combustion control

21. Yangjiang sewage treatment plant computer control system

22. Shenzhen sewage discharge treatment works

23. East Sichuan Chemical Industrial Company 4X65T industrial boiler automation systems

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