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Achievement of Automation

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MECC PHAYSE has strong technical strength in Automation Project. We have Automation Project experience with the power, instrumentation and automation control systems and computer system design, software development, equipment installation and commissioning etc., covering industries including metallurgical, petrochemical, building materials, nonferrous metals, electric power, coal, machinery, sea ports, municipal and other areas.

Range of Automation Project

Undertake industrial automation projects including: instrumentation, electronic control and basic automation electrical process control systems. From the feasibility study design, equipment design, construction design, software design to hardware supply, software development, field testing, technical training, production and escort, and all stages of the total turnkey package.

1. Wire, bar, hot and cold strip mill, blooming mill, plate mill, shearing line electrical transmission automation.

2. Blast furnace systems, hot air furnace systems, pulverized coal injection system automation.

3. Steelmaking converter tilting, slab, billet continuous casting system automation.

4. Beneficiation, sintering, coking system automation.

5. Nonferrous metals, petrochemical, power, textile, paper, building materials, machinery and other production and process automation industries.

Computer network and building automation to undertake the project.

Undertake urban water supply, drainage, sewage treatment works of the "Three" general contractor.

Undertake the preparation of computer application software.

Main results

Rail before the system

Taiyuan Steel Eagle's Nest iron ore mining, mineral processing automation and PC monitoring

integrative raw material base of heavy steel factory automation

Making System

Laiwu Steel 2 # blast furnace systems, sintering systems, materials system automation

Baosteel Blast Furnace 3 DCS, PLC systems

Panzhihua Iron and coal injection automation systems

Panzhihua 4 Blast Furnace (1350M3) EIC system overall design to site commissioning and production of escort

Xiangtan Steel 3 blast furnace (1050M3) EIC system from hardware systems to field service and commissioning

Converter steel-making system

Seven plant 2X50T heavy steel converters, bloom, slab casting

Panzhihua Iron and Steel 2X120T converter PLC system

Electric furnace steel-making system

Guangzhou Steel Group Guangzhou Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. electric furnace steelmaking, continuous casting, water treatment expansion project

Fujian EAF, continuous casting, the oxygen stations, water treatment works

Continuous Casting System

Shougang two steelmaking and continuous casting system automation

Baosteel two 1900mm slab continuous casting and PLC system

Heavy Steel open-hearth continuous casting system

Panzhihua Iron and Steel 1350mm slab continuous casting system

Xiangfan, Chengdu Steel ROKOP continuous casting machine, water treatment works

Hot Systems

Wuhan Iron and Steel Yi Miqi Hot 4 # walking beam furnace silicon steel works

Wuhan Iron and Steel Yi Miqi hot the whole plant reconstruction project

Shaoguan Iron & Steel Group in the plate rolling mill, furnace, water treatment, oil depot expansion

Indonesia million steel mill reheating furnace State System

Cold system

Panzhihua Iron and Steel cold-rolled galvanized wire system

Panzhihua Iron and Steel Cold cover furnace

Panzhihua Iron and Steel Pickling Cold

Based Panzhihua Iron and Steel Cold Rolling Mill Automation System master

The public secondary system

Baosteel two, three hot-rolled, raw material yard, continuous casting, water treatment and a number of external pipe network design

Second Water Plant Automation System Baosteel

Panzhihua Iron and Steel Cold public auxiliary facilities (water, gas, air compressor) IPC Systems

Panzhihua million cubic oxygen Honeywell TDC-3000 system

Water treatment systems

Three hundred thousand tons ethylene project in Maoming, Guangdong sewage treatment plant automation control system

Anshan Iron and Steel Mountain water source water treatment control system PLC

Electric Drive System

Shougang third wire plant MILL 3 × 1300KW DC SCR drive system design, equipment manufacturing and commissioning

4 Blast Furnace of Shougang 7000 Legislative fan 36000KW frequency synchronous machine control system technology start digestion, research, debugging

Shougang 2160 hot rolling finishing line (cross-cutting, slitting, straightening machine, open-book, coiler) basic automation system design

Nanjing Meishan Steel Caster frequency control

Anshan Iron and Steel Plant introduction of medium-sized companies in Germany Admiralty Moeller DC converter technology digestion and commissioning

Four Roller Plate Mill of Shougang rolling mill 2 × 2600KW motor drive system on-site commissioning

Shougang Iron Works Tilting converter, oxygen lance DC drive

Shougang steel three-stand cold rolling with a drive control system

India Nima Roth bar mill control system (DC main, pay drive, looper, the cascade regulation flying shear, cooling bed)

Shenyang copper plus silicon Factory560mm reversible cold rolling mill DC drive system controlled

Shougang 2 #, 3 # blast furnace blower frequency starting system

Shougang Special Steel Horizontal Continuous Casting Machine drive

Hainan high-speed wire rod mill plant control system

2X2600KW in Qinhuangdao Plate Mill Plate Mill

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