SHENZHEN MECC PHAYSE ELECTRIC EQUIPMENT CO., LTD is established in 2002 by the core members form SHENZHEN UNI-PHAYSE Co., Ltd. (established in 1987) and METALLURGICAL EQUIPMENT CORPORATION OF CHINA, branch of Shenzhen, (established in 1988). MECC PHAYSE has passed the ISO9001:2008 quality control system certification, and now is a company providing services in development manufacturing, engineering and trade.

MECC PHAYSE is a High-tech corporation focused on developing, manufacturing and selling AC and DC Power Supply Assembly and High-Voltage and Low-Voltage Reactive Power Compensation Assembly. MECC PHAYSE has its own factory specialized in manufacturing DC Power Supply, High-Voltage and Low-Voltage Reactive Power Compensation Assembly, High-Voltage and Low-Voltage Harmonic Filtering Compensating Assemblys, Active Power Filter, Soft Starter, Converter, and Inverter. Our customer are spreading in 29 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities, and has exported to Asia, Africa and Europe as well as other countries and regions. Covering industries of metallurgy, petrochemical, building materials, non-ferrous metals, electric power, coal, machinery, sea ports, municipal and ect. MECC PHAYSE has set up branches and offices in the northeast, north, central, east, southwest and other areas in China, thus owning a strong sales and after-sales service network.

In addition to our own products, MECC PHAYSE has also strong technical strength in Automation Project. We have Automation Project experience with the power system, instrumentation and automation control systems and computer system design, software development, equipment installation and commissioning etc., covering industries including metallurgical, petrochemical, building materials, nonferrous metals, electric power, coal, machinery, sea ports, municipal and other areas.

MECC PHAYSE has a high-quality D&R team, most of them from the Class A National Design Institute, and has long been engaged in industrial automation and control systems, involving computer and communication network technology and computer network systems design and application. They expertise in power, instrumentation, smelting process, such as steel rolling process and water treatment technology, especially in computer metro network, terminal area networks and field buses, as well as DCS, PLC control system, fully digital AC and DC drive control system and intelligent instrument etc. They have knowledge from the equipment-level to the process-level control, from the regional computer MIS management to the plant computer system design and software development. MECC PHAYSE has contracted automation projects in the Xiangtan Iron and Steel, Laiwu Steel, Kunming Iron and Steel, Zhujiang Steel, Guangzhou Iron and Steel, Baosteel Group, Handan Iron and Steel and other companies and wins a good reputation.

MECC PHAYSE was are also the A class agent of SAMWHA Capacitor Co., Ltd from South Korea, mainly trading TAF series of high-voltage power capacitors and SMB, SMS, SMF series of low voltage power capacitors. Meanwhile, MECC PHAYSE is also the designated system integrator from SIEMENS, GE, ROCKWELL and SCHNEIDER.

Our main products includes:

MK-80 series of intelligent high frequency switching DC power supply   (Patent No.: ZL9622562.3; ZL99215006.X)

HPLC series of high-voltage reactive power terminal compensation equipment   (Patent No.: ZL9227904.7)

HPIC series of high-voltage reactive power integrative compensation equipment

HPAC series of high-voltage reactive power automatic compensation equipment

HFPC series of high-voltage filtering and compensation equipment

HPJK-A series compensation control and protection Device

HPJK-L series compensation monitoring and protection Device

LPAC \ LPFC series of low-voltage reactive power automatic compensation equipment

LFPC series of low-voltage filtering and compensation equipment

LPLC series of low-voltage reactive power terminal compensation equipment

APF Series of Active Power Filter

LPJK Series of compensation control and protection Device

UP Series of uninterrupted AC power supply  (Patent No.: ZL99215007.8)

AP1 Series of AC Inverter

AJ1 Series of AC motor soft start equipment

AS1 series of DC motor control equipment

MK-TX series of high frequency switching communication power

MKF series of battery activation equipment

MECC PHAYSE will continue to insist on the combination of technology, industry and trade, on the path of integration, industrialization and internationalization, to serve for the purpose of building credibility.

Our business philosophy is: customers always come first, and satisfaction gets assurance! And we sincerely hope that we can continue good relations of cooperation with our new and old customers.

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