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Achievement of MK
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Important Achievement of MK uniterrupted DC power

The following companies are listed only a small amount of Achievement for all sectors of the user reference


PCI Luo Kela steel plant project in India

Shougang International Trade & Engineering Corporation (Zimbabwe 4 # BF)

Yunnan smelter

Cloud of Southern Steel Group Company

Yunnan Honghe Steel

Yunnan Desheng Iron and Steel Co., Ltd.

Kunming Iron and Steel Co., Ltd.

Shanghai Baoshan Iron and Steel Company

Hanzhong Steel reconstruction project

Chinese steel shaft furnace blast furnace project

Shanxi Taiyuan Iron and Steel Co., Ltd.

Shanxi Haixin International Iron and Steel Co., Ltd.

Qingdao Iron and Steel Company

Shandong Laiwu Iron and Steel Company

Jinan Iron and Steel Company

Baotou Iron and Steel Company

Anshan Iron and Steel Company

Angang New Steel Co., Ltd.

Jiang Xing Cheng Special Steel Co., Ltd.

Wuhan Iron and Steel Ring cooler low temperature waste heat power generation

Cangzhou Railway Equipment Materials Co., Ltd. 2 TRT works

Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. Cangzhou aspect

Tangshan Iron and Steel energy utilization projects

Tang Beijing Shougang Iron & Steel United Co., Ltd.

Xuanhua Steel

Wen Feng Steel Co., Ltd. Hebei

Tangshan Jinxi Iron and Steel Company

Tangshan Iron and Steel Company

Qian'an Hebei Shougang Iron and Steel Co.

Handan Iron and Steel Company

Guizhou Watertown Iron and Steel Company

Liuzhou Iron & Steel (Group) Company Hot Strip Mill

Zhujiang Iron and Steel Co., Ltd.

Yufeng Iron & Steel Co., Ltd. Zhuhai, Guangdong

Guangzhou Iron and Steel Co., Ltd.

Gansu Jiu Steel Group

Yixin Iron & Steel Co., Ltd. Fujian



Yunnan Copper Industry Co., Ltd.

Vietnam TISCO coking project

Shanxi Coking Group Sunshine

China into the Engineering Company (Inner Mongolia Shenzhou Silicon Industry 1500 tons / year polysilicon)

Neimengguhuo Chun-hung flat aluminum ingot Coal Co.

Baotou Aluminum

Jiangxi Xinyu Iron and Steel Co., Ltd.

Jiangxi Copper Company Limited (Guixi)

Jiangxi Metallurgical Group lead smelting works

Aluminum Corporation of Hunan Cili

Hubei Daye precision aluminum plates and strips project

Aluminum Corporation of China Henan Branch

Zhengzhou Great Wall Aluminum Company

Hebei Taurus energy projects


Nanjing Triumph Cement Technology Engineering Co., Ltd. (Vietnam CAM RANH cement grinding station)

Nanjing Triumph Cement Technology Engineering Co., Ltd. (Turkey AKCANSA second cement company CNK)

China Building Material Industrial Corporation for Foreign Economic and Technical Cooperation (Pakistan exports cement)

Chengdu Design and Research Institute of Building Materials Industry Co., Ltd. (Brazil CSN2500t / d clinker production line)

Chengdu Design and Research Institute of Building Materials Industry Co., Ltd. (Huizhou Universal 5000t / d cement clinker production line)

Xinjiang Tianshan Cement Co., Ltd.

Cement Co. in western Yunnan, Yunnan Hongta

Sichuan Golden Summit Group Co., Ltd.

Panzhihua Cement Industry earth ring

Fugu Shenhua in Shaanxi Province Cement Co., bridge

Shaanxi Qinling Cement Co., Ltd.

Yantai Mitsubishi Cement Co., Ltd.

Jidong Cement Co., Ltd. Shenyang

Niu Li Changde Sinoma Cement Co., Ltd.

Wuhan, Hubei Huaxin Cement Hongqi

Hubei Huaxin Cement Co., Ltd.

Cement Co., Ltd. Hebei Xing Shuguang strong

Taurus Energy Ltd Hebei

Hebei Jidong Cement Co., Ltd.

Guizhou Cement

Guizhou Watertown Cement Co., Ltd.

TCC (Guigang) Cement Co., Ltd.

TCC (Yingde) Cement Co., Ltd.

Sinoma Hunter Cement Co., Ltd.

Huizhou Universal Cement Co., Ltd.

Handan CBMI Construction Co., Ltd.

Fujian Cement Co., Ltd.

Fujian Cement Co., Ltd. Wing years

Petroleum, petrochemical

China Petrochemical Engineering Construction Company

Qingdao Petrochemical Company

Ningxia Dayuan Refining and Chemical Co., Ltd.

Sinopec Fushun Petroleum Third Factory

Dalian Petrochemical Co., Ltd.

Jinxi Chemical Refinery

• Dalian Fujia Dahua Petrochemical Co., Ltd.

Sinopec PSTC

Sinopec Jinling Branch Company

Nanjing Jinling Petrochemical Company Refinery

Sinopec Yueyang Petrochemical Plant

Sinopec Baling Petrochemical Co., Ltd.

Yueyang Changling Refinery

Sinopec Jianghan Oilfield gas at

China Petroleum Daqing Petrochemical Branch

Daqing Petrochemical

Daqing Petrochemical Materials Supply Company

Daqing Petrochemical Engineering Company

Sinopec Luoyang Petrochemical Plant

Sinopec Luoyang branch

China Petroleum Pipeline Corporation, supplies and equipment

Sinopec Cangzhou Branch

Hebei Cang-oriented refinery

Hainan Petrochemical Co., Ltd. in Shanghai

Hainan Refining & Chemical Shihua Co., Ltd.

Hainan Han Sunshine Petrochemical Co., Ltd.

Sixth China National Petroleum Construction Company

Sinopec Guangzhou Petrochemical Corporation

Ward Daya Bay Petrochemical Company of Sinopec

Lanzhou Refinery

Lanzhou Petrochemical

Long Pipe Co., Ltd. Gansu Gold

Fujian Petrochemical Company Limited


Xingyi Power Supply Bureau

Hydropower Station in Guizhou learning (4 × 135MW)

Guizhou Guizhou Power Plant (4 × 300MW)

Guizhou Nayong power plant (4 × 300MW)

Guizhou Anshun Power Plant (2 × 300MW)

Nu River in Yunnan Power Grid Co., Ltd.

Gejiu Power Supply Bureau

Yunnan, Yunnan Electric Power Bureau

Yunnan, eastern Yunnan Electric Power Bureau

Kunming Power Supply Bureau

Sichuan Leshan Electric Power Co., Ltd.

Source of waste heat power generation company in Sichuan side

Xiluodu hydropower projects

Chengdu for power engineering company

Xi'an high-voltage power supply bureau

Power Supply Bureau, Shanxi Jinzhong

Changzhi, Shanxi Electric Power Bureau

Shandong Luneng Power Administration

Datang International Power Generation Co., Ltd.

Ning Xia Yinnan Power Supply Bureau

Power Supply Bureau, Ningxia Yinchuan

Ningxia Power Supply Bureau

Xilin Gol, Inner Mongolia Electric Power Bureau of Rural Power Company

Inner Mongolia Siziwang Power Co., Ltd.

Thermoelectric Co., Ltd. Inner Mongolia Huadian Wuda

Inner Mongolia Tangtuoketuo Power Generation Co. Ltd.

Shenyang, Liaoning Province Bureau of Rural Power Tanglin

Fushun, Liaoning Electric Power Bureau

Dandong power bureau

Benxi, Liaoning Province Electric Power Bureau

Liaohe Oilfield Supply Bureau

Liao Power Plant

Northeast OFTA

Dalian Power Administration

Anshan Power Administration

Siping, Jilin Province Electric Power Bureau

Jilin Province, Jilin Electric Power Bureau

Jilin Province Local Water Co.

Qiqihar, Heilongjiang Electric Power Bureau

Jiamusi Electric Power Bureau

Thermoelectric Co., Ltd. Heilongjiang Jixi

Harbin Power Administration

Daqing Power Administration

Henan Yima coal gasification power plant company

Cogeneration Co., Ltd. Shijiazhuang Guanghua

Hebei Xinji Dong Fang Thermal Power Plant

Hebei Cangzhou Power Administration

Hebei Cangzhou Power supplies company

Power Company of Hunan can

Xianning Power Supply Bureau

Merchants Shekou, Shenzhen, the power company

Mawan Power Plant Phase II Expansion

Guangzhou Praxair 110KV substation

Electric Power Industry Bureau of Guangdong Huiyang

Huidong, Guangdong Electric Power


Chongqing Sino-French Water Supply Co., Ltd.

Chongqing Water Holding (Group) Co., Ltd.

Chongqing City Water Company

Ryan Urban Area Water Supply Company

Ningbo Zhenhai District sewage treatment plant

Jiaxing Haiyan Hangzhou Bay Bridge North side of the sewage treatment plant

Hangzhou seven Phase III Wastewater Treatment Plant cells

Kunming Water Company

Urumqi Shuimogou sewage treatment plant

Tianjin North sewage treatment plant warehouse

Sichuan Emeishan City Water Company

Panzhihua Eaux

Chengdu Phase II Wastewater Treatment

Shanghai water supply and drainage equipment company

Xianyang City Water Company

Taiyuan, Shanxi Yellow River Water Co.

Shandong Weifang Water Company

Dalian Malan River sewage treatment plant

Nanchang Qingshan Lake Sewage Treatment Plant

Huai'an salt chemical sewage treatment plant

Xuzhou Jingma River Sewage Treatment Plant

Matsubara Jilin Jiangbei Sewage Treatment Plant

Long lead Jilin Meihekou MOD waterworks

Zhuzhou City Water Co., Ltd.

Xiangtan Central Water Co.

Hunan Zhuzhou City Water Company

Xiangtan City Water Company

Hengyang City Water Company

Changsha diversion and water quality environmental projects

Drainage pumping stations in Wuhan management

Wuhan erlangmiao sewage treatment plant

Wuhan Lake sewage treatment plant three gold

Huangshi City Urban Drainage Company

Hubei Zhongxiang water company

Xianning United Water Co., Ltd.

Drainage pumping stations in Wuhan, Hubei management

Hubei Wuhan cities, infrastructure development do

Hubei Wuhan cities, infrastructure development do

Underground Drainage Engineering Command Wuhan

Huangshi, Hubei Province Water Company

Hubei Daye water company

Xinxiang is still a small village sewage treatment plant

Zhengzhou City Water Company

Xinyang Water Company

Henan Xinxiang fifth water

Luo, Henan Province, Xinxiang City, Da Wan Sewage Treatment Plant

Kaifeng municipal management

Puyang City, Henan Wastewater Treatment Plant

Sewage treatment plant in Luoyang, Henan

Zhangjiakou City, the main city sewage recycling project

Dayangfang Xuanhua District of Zhangjiakou City sewage treatment plant

Sanya City West Water Supply

Nanning City Water Company

Drainage Co., Ltd. Nanning Jiangnan Sewage Treatment Plant Project

Nanning Municipal Wastewater Treatment Plant Phase II Langdong

Guangxi Nanning Mitsuya water

Shenzhen Water (Group) Co., Ltd.

Shenzhen water supply and drainage company

Huizhou Daya Bay Yi Source Water Co.

Guangzhou Tap Water Company

Guangzhou Liede Wastewater Treatment Plant Phase III

Dongguan Canal zhangcun Water purification plant a project

Lanzhou water supply company

Fujian Putian City Water Company

Central Fujian Fujian Hoda City Water Company

Fujian Changle two water plant construction headquarters

Beijing Ng Ka Tsuen Sewage Treatment Plant

Bengbu City Water Supply Co., Ltd.

Ningguo third water

Wu Tang Jiang River in Anhui old pumping station

Four innings Bengbu Railway Dragon Lake Pump Station Project Department


Jiangsu Lee & Man Paper Co., Ltd.

Lee & Man Paper Co., Ltd. Guangdong

Gold East Paper Dagang

Jilin Paper Co., Ltd.

Yanbian Shixian White Paper's foot


Australian iron ore project

China ENFI Engineering Co., Ltd. (Dongtai Laos potash mine project validation)

Yunnan Yimen Mining

Lead and zinc, Sichuan East

Xinwen Mining Group Material Supply and Marketing Co., Ltd.

Lead-zinc mine in Inner Mongolia Chifeng Baiyinnuoer

Taurus Energy Co., Ltd. Hebei

Guizhou Jinfeng Mining Co.

Yunfu pyrite Enterprise Group

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