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Important Achievement of Compensation Assmebly

The following companies are listed only a small amount of Achievement for all sectors of the user reference

High and low voltage automatic, centralized, complete sets of equipment in situ and filter compensation part of Achievement

Cement industry

VINA-KANSAI cement plant in Vietnam

Vietnam CAM RANH Cement

Caesar cement plant in Vietnam

Kyrgyz 2500t / d

Export Yemen YSCC cement

Brazil's CSN 2500t / d clinker production line

Saudi Cement Company NAJRAN 3000t / d cement clinker production line

Turkey AKCANSA cement CNK second

Pakistan Cement

Anhui Conch Cement Company Limited

On the peak of Tongling Cement Company Limited

China Resources (Shantou) Cement Co., Ltd. (180 tons / year cement grinding station)

Huaxin Cement Co., Ltd.

TCC (Gui Gang) Cement Co., Ltd. (2X6000t / d cement clinker production line)

TCC (Yingde) Cement Co., Ltd. (2X6000t / d cement clinker production line)

Cement Enterprises Ltd. Huizhou Everbright

Jiangxi Wannianqing Cement Co., Ltd.

Sichuan Golden Summit Group Co., Ltd. (Emei Cement)

Domestic Industry (Hunan) Cement Co., Ltd. (4500t / d cement clinker production line with the waste heat power generation)

Niu Li, Xiangtan Sinoma Cement

Chang Jiang Huasheng Tianya Cement Company Limited (II 5000t / d cement clinker production line)

Lei of the East Taiwan Cement Co., Ltd. (slag grinding production line)

Wing years Fujian Cement Co., Ltd. (4000T / D dry process clinker production line)

Henan Jinrong Cement


Petrochemical, chemical industry

Kazakhstan hopes that oil transfer station and ancillary works

Turkmenistan's natural gas processing plant project Bagh Drake

Sinopec Ningbo Engineering Co., Ltd. (Fujian Refining and Ethylene Project Pox / Cogen project)

Sinopec Engineering Incorporation (Fujian Refining and Ethylene 400,000 t / a polypropylene project)

Sinopec Engineering Incorporation (Hainan Shihua Refining and Chemical Co. Project)

Sinopec Engineering Incorporation (Maoming 300,000 tons of polypropylene project)

Sinopec Baling Petrochemical Company (Baling Petrochemical Olefins Division Project)

Hainan CNOOC Chemical Ltd. Project

Dong Xin, Fujian Petrochemical Project

Shanghai Jinshan Petrochemical Project

Fuel oil Petrochemical Co., Ltd. Wenzhou substation project

Kam Shing Chemical Co., Ltd. Tiandong (caustic soda project)

Chuanhuagufen 3 million tons / year melamine project

Air Products (China) Co., Ltd. Project

Air Products Asia, Malaysia export items

Air Liquide (Hangzhou) Co., Ltd. (Changzhou project)

Yingde Gases Co., Ltd. Zhuhai


Metallurgical industry

Turkey ISDEMIR3 # BF

PCI Luo Kela steel plant project in India

Guangzhou Iron and Steel Company Limited

Zhujiang Iron and Steel Company Limited

Chongqing Iron & Steel Co., Ltd.

Kunming Iron and Steel Company Limited

Liuzhou Iron and Steel Triple Burner CDQ project

Qingdao Iron and Steel Company Limited

Jinan Iron and Steel Company

Shanxi Changzhi Iron & Steel Group Co., Ltd.

Taiyuan Iron and Steel (Group) Co., Ltd.

Baotou Iron and Steel Company Limited

Xinjiang Bayi Iron and Steel Group

Converter in the second phase of Cangzhou Iron

Han steel shaft furnace BF

Angang New Steel Company Limited

Tinplate Industrial Co., Ltd. in Zhongshan, Guangdong


Nonferrous metals industry

Congo (DRC) Xilu Figure copper project

Vietnam TISCO coking project

PCI Turkey project

Yunnan Copper Co., Ltd. Qingyuan colored

China Gold Corporation (substation works)

Shandong Gold Mining Co., Ltd. (Jiaojia gold)

Yunnan Copper Co., Ltd.

Yunnan Smelter


Mining industry

China ENFI Engineering Co., Ltd. (Lao Dong Tai potash mine authentication works)

Guizhou Jinfeng Mining Limited

Panzhihua Iron White Horse

Handan Mining

Hanzhong Jialing valley black iron mining expansion project

Ningxia Ningdong Coal Center

Xishan Coal and Electricity Ximing Coal Preparation Plant


Municipal Industry

Republic of the Congo Geely drinking water treatment plant project

Changsha diversion and water quality environmental projects

East Shenzhen Water Supply Project Phase II

Shenzhen Water riparian water

Zhuhai Water Affairs Group Limited

Shanghai Water Company

Nanjing Water Company

Chongqing Water Company

Chongqing Sino French Water Supply Co., Ltd.

Lanzhou Water Supply Company

Water Supply Company of Xinjiang Petroleum Administration


Power industry

Fujian to the door plant

Heyuan, Guangdong Power Plant (2X600MW Engineering)


Xiluodu Hydropower

Inner large Tangtuoketuo plant

Shenzhen Energy Group Eastern Power Plant

Shunde Desheng Power Plant (FGD)

Environmental Thermal Power Co., Ltd. Yiwu City, Twin Peaks


Other industries

Float glass project in India

Fuyao Hainan Float Glass Co., Ltd. (110KV Substation)

ABB (China) Limited (Gold East Paper Project)

ABB (China) Co., Ltd. (Tianjin, Procter & Gamble Project)

Shanghai Delixi Group Co., Ltd. (20 million tons of ore Fangchenggang Yard Project)

Shanghai Hongqiao Airport (flight South Station \ North Station)

Beijing Aerospace Science and Industry

Zhoushan, Zhejiang Provincial Energy Coal Coal Co. Ltd. (transfer dock project)

Shenhua Group

Summit Ceramic Co., Ltd., Guangdong

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