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Introduction of Product
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MK-TX Series of high frequency switching communication power
MKF Series of battery activation equipment
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APF Series of Active Power Filter
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Class A agency for SAMWHA Capacitor

APF Series of Active Power Filter


APF Series of Active Power Filter uses DSP digital signal processor to Analyse magnitude and phase of Harmonics in voltage and current on the grid with DQ transformation, with full response of 30ms, which is faster than equivalent APF from most competitors.

APF Series of Active Power Filter is able to compensate in reactive power when its maximum capacity is not meet for filtering.

We recommanded Using APF alone if the Current distortion is serious and rich in spectrum, while the fundamental current phase shift ignorable.

But for most users' the two factors listed above is not ignorable, so We recommend Using APF with LFPC. While LFPC filter some fixed large-in-magnitude harmonics, while APF can save its capacity for higher order harmonics, thus saving investment in equipment without compromising filtering effect.

Implementation and reference standard

IEEE 519

IEC 61642

IEC 61000-2-4

GB 7251-97

GB/T 16935.1-1997

GB 14048.3-93

GB/T 3859.1-93

GB 50052-95

GB 50054-95

GB/T 12325-2003

GB 12326-2000

GB/T 14549-93

GB/T 15945-1995

Main technical performance

Rated voltage

380Vrms ± 10%

Rated frequency

50Hz ± 5%

Tollerance in Voltage

± 10% for phase voltage
line voltage inbalance less than 5%

Tollerance in phase


Rated capacity

75A, 100A, 150A, 200A

Store temperature


Ambient temperature

averaging lower than 35℃ in 24 hours period


Less than 1000m (derated if over 1000m)


≤95% (at 25℃), with no condesnsing

atmospheric pressure

Average less than 2.0Kpa in a month period

Earthquake intensity

Less than 7 by Richter scale


when f<10Hz, Magnitude of 0.3mm;

when 10Hz< f <150HZ, Acceratoin of 0.1g

Class of pollution

Degree of Ⅲ

CT requirement

Class 1.0 or better,5 Amps secondary rating


3 phases 3 wires (APF3) or 3 phases 4 wires (APF4)

Harmonic orders able to filter

odd orders of 3~25 and even orders of 2~10 (APF4)
odd orders of 5~25, except zero order (APF3)
at least 10 individual harmonic orders can be filtered simultaneously

Harmonic attenuation factor

>97% if within filtering capacity;
otherwise, Filtering within its maximun current capacity

Response time

≤5 ms (Filtering 10%~90%)

Power loss

≤5% of Rated capacity



Cooling method

Forced fan cooled, better assembled in air-conditioned room

Size of assambly

1050mm×2250mm×800mm (W×H×D)

Enclosure Protection Level


able to Work in parallel by four units at most.

Capable of compensating, from 0.6 Inductive to 0.6 Capacitive.

Speed of response


Filtering effect of APF3


Filtering effect of APF4


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