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Introduction of Product
MK-80 Series of intelligent high frequency switching DC power supply
MK-TX Series of high frequency switching communication power
MKF Series of battery activation equipment
HPLC Series of high-voltage reactive power terminal compensation equipment
HPIC Series of high-voltage reactive power integrative compensation equipment
HPAC Series of high-voltage reactive power automatic compensation equipment
HFPC Series of high-voltage filtering and compensation equipment
HPJK-A series compensation control and protection device
HPJK-L series compensation monitoring and protection device
LPLC Series of low-voltage reactive power terminal compensation equipment
LPAC\LPFC Series of low-voltage reactive power automatic compensation equipment
LFPC Series of low-voltage filtering and compensation equipment
APF Series of Active Power Filter
LPJK Series of compensation control and protection Device
AP1 Series of AC Converter
AJ1 Series of AC motor soft start equipment
AS1 Series of DC motor control equipment
UP Series of uninterrupted AC power supply
Class A agency for SAMWHA Capacitor

UP Series of uninterrupted AC power supply



UP Series of uninterruptible power supplies are designed for important load that does not allow interrupted supply, and it is a patented product (patent number: ZL99215007.8). The product integrate advanced technology of power and motor drive at home and abroad. With leading-edge high-tech green technology, It was used in many important sites and has been approved by our users.

UP has two type: UP / M and UP / MS. The former provides the variable frequency inverter, which especially suit motor load. The latter not only provides variable frequency inverter, but also provides pure sine wave output, fitting the need of computer and monitor. Emergency power lasting time are designed by user's requirements.

UP Series of uninterruptible power supply can be applied to:

Tilting metallurgical converter, oxygen gun uplifting, continuous casting machines and other large rotating equipment;

Water pump and oil pump in cooling and lubricating system in Electric power, metallurgy, petrochemical and other industries;

Fire lifts, fire pumps, exhaust fan and computers in Modern buildings.

Electrical equipment in metro, banking, securities, hospitals, civil defense, underground facilities and other important occasions.


Main parts and components use highly reliable international brands (including the inverter / converter);

Suit the need for Variable Frequency control or Variable Frequency soft-start motor load and mixed load;

With the same load capacity, the price of UP is less than one half of that of UPS;

Stable performance, reliable operation, long life expectation;

Use of maintenance-free VRLA batteries;

For load of particular importance, UP can adopt online design, with zero time standby power switch with no effect on motor;

Advanced charging and management control, enabling automatic charging batteries, periodically activation so as to extdisclaimered battery life and capacity;

Equipped with RS232/485 communication interface, to achieve unattdisclaimered site.

Technical parameters

AC input


Three-phase four-wire + PE AC 380V ± 20%


50Hz ± 5%

AC output

Output type

Frequency output

Sine wave output






Normal: and enter the same

Emergency when: 220V ± 5%



Normal: and enter the same

Emergency when: 50Hz ± 5%


PWM wave

Normal: and enter the same

Emergency when: a sine wave

Waveform distortion rate

≤ 5%

Switching time

Switching can be achieved zero seconds

Standard: ≤ 0.1 s

Special requirements: ≤ 0.01 s

Overload capacity

200% 10S

150% 60S

120% continuous

200% of the moment

150% 10S

120% continuous

Power Factor

≥ 0.92

≥ 0.90


≥ 95%

Normal: ≈ 100%

Emergency when: ≥ 93%

Response time

Requirements set by the user

Monitoring unit


5.7-inch, 320 × 240 matrix size, the LCD screen with touch capabilities, guided all Chinese menu interface

Communication interface

RS232/485 communication interface

Relay Interface

8 alarm contact output

Monitoring functions

terminal and remote start and stop

Monitoring system status, charging parameters, communication parameters, cell parameters, the output voltage


Output overload, short circuit protection; power assemblies overheating protection;

Battery over charge, over discharge protection;


VRLA maintenance free batteries


≤ 55dB

Dielectric Strength

Applied 50 Hz/2000V AC 1 minute, no breakdown and flashover

Condition of Use

Altitude: ≤ 2000 m

Temperature: -25℃~+50℃

Humidity : ≤ 98 %, No condense

No explosive or flammable medium surrounding; no corrosive gas to damage the insulation and the metal; no conductive dust; No severe vibration and shock at the installation site.

Implementation and reference standard

IEEE 446-1995

GB 50052-95

GB 14048.1-2006

GB/T 4942.1-2006

GB/T 3859.2-1993



The main cabinet and battery cabinet dimensions are: 800 × 600 × 2200 (W × D × H);

Special requirements can be designed and customized.

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