DC motor control equipment
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Introduction of Product
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Class A agency for SAMWHA Capacitor

AS1 Series of DC motor control equipment



MECC PHAYSE AS1 Series of DC motor control equipment are designed for the speed control for DC motor. According to user needs, we can choose DC controllers from SIEMENS, CT, ABB, GE and other brands, and configure relay control circuit to power one-direction or reversible DC motor. It suits steel rolling mill and auxiliary drive equipment, or 5-315KW cranes and Planer in mining enterprises. It applies to ordinary AC asynchronous motors and other AC motor, is the ideal choice for frequency control assemblies.


DC controller

DC controller is composed of control unit, monitor unit and power unit, is a microprocessor cored digitalized DC motor drives. The main components are:

Keyboard, display panel:

Through display panel, customer can set up parameters, check running status and all self-diagnostic faults information.


Analog Input:

Including Voltage or Current and Speed feedback or motor protection.

Analog Output:

Including control signal for desired output current or programmed motor voltage, speed, magnetic parameters, within 0-10V signal.

Switch (digital) input:

Allowing starting or stopping with switch input.

Switch (digital) output:

provide alarm and the related operation interlock.


Provide the RS485 (or RS232) interface, allowing remotely setting or changing parameters and communicating with the host computer.

Main circuit inputs and outputs:

AC power input; armature and Excitation circuit output.

DC Motor Speed Control System

Refer to the technical manuals of specified brand, especially the schematic diagram. The main circuit needs to configure air circuit-breaker, AC contactors, fuses, transformers (optional). Control circuit's power need to be synchronized with the main circuit's AC power. For control circuit, need to configure electrical contacts, analog input and output, digital input and output.

Condition of Use

AC power meet national standards.

indoor, good Ventilation

Altitude: Less than 1000m (above1000m should adopt plateau-type components)

Temperature: -10℃~+40℃

Humidity : <90% (No Condense)

Gradient of installation less than 5º.

No explosive or flammable medium surrounding; no corrosive gas to damage the insulation and the metal; no conductive dust; No severe vibration and shock at the installation site.

Ordering Information

1, Must provide the capacity of DC motor, the armature and Excitation circuit's rated voltage and current.

2, Must specify whether the reversible operation (single-quadrant or four-quadrant) is needed, whether need a fixed excitation or changeable excitation (weak magnetic requirements).

3, Must specify the brand of choice of the DC controller.

4, Must specify the needs for operational control, interlocking, and other special requirements.

5, must indicate which kind of speed feedback is preferred, including motor voltage feedback, tachometer feedback or encoder feedback or customer choose purchase and install by themselves.

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