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Introduction of Product
MK-80 Series of intelligent high frequency switching DC power supply
MK-TX Series of high frequency switching communication power
MKF Series of battery activation equipment
HPLC Series of high-voltage reactive power terminal compensation equipment
HPIC Series of high-voltage reactive power integrative compensation equipment
HPAC Series of high-voltage reactive power automatic compensation equipment
HFPC Series of high-voltage filtering and compensation equipment
HPJK-A series compensation control and protection device
HPJK-L series compensation monitoring and protection device
LPLC Series of low-voltage reactive power terminal compensation equipment
LPAC\LPFC Series of low-voltage reactive power automatic compensation equipment
LFPC Series of low-voltage filtering and compensation equipment
APF Series of Active Power Filter
LPJK Series of compensation control and protection Device
AP1 Series of AC Converter
AJ1 Series of AC motor soft start equipment
AS1 Series of DC motor control equipment
UP Series of uninterrupted AC power supply
Class A agency for SAMWHA Capacitor

LFPC Series of low-voltage filtering and compensation equipment


LFPC is suitable for mining companies, mills, shopping malls, hotels, residential communities and other distributed power system to filter harmonics, compensate for reactive power, improve the system Power Factor, save energy, adjust the voltage and reduce line losses.


Configure intelligent reactive compensation controller, switching mode must be stack switching which means FILO;

AC input are equipped with fused knife switches served as input separation and short circuit protection;

Input equipped with current transformer and arrester, which can display equipment operating current and absorb over-voltage;

Set up 1 to 3 single-tuned filter branches, which use the full partial resonance tuning mode, and use filter-specialized reactor and capacitor. All branches can use our self-developed HPJK-L for three-phase over-current protection, and can adopt Dynamic composite switch or contactor as switching equipment;

Can at the same time configure compensating branches;

Equipped with SAMWHA Capacitor or other imported brands, or domestic-made high-quality full-film dielectric Self-healing power capacitors, which have advantage such as high reliability, long lifetime, low power loss, low temperature rise.

In addition to the stack switching, electrical interlock ensure that when lower order filter branches breakdown, the higher order filter branches are switched out of operation at the same time.

Condition of Use

installation: Indoor

Temperature: -20℃~+45℃

Altitude: Less than 1000m (above1000m should adopt plateau-type components)

Humidity : ≤95% (at 25℃)

No explosive or flammable medium surrounding; no corrosive gas to damage the insulation and the metal; no conductive dust; No severe vibration and shock at the installation site.

Implementation and reference standard

IEC 60831-1-am1 ed2.0

GB/T 12747.1-2004

GB/T 12325-2008

GB/T 12326-2008

GB/T 14549-1993

JB/T 7113-1993

Selection Remark

For stable loads, the total installed capacity and each branch's capacity can be determined according to the measured harmonic and power factor. We have a professional reactive power testing equipment and we can send our engineer to installation site if possible.

For Fluctuating load with huge harmonic current, such as welding, which has frequent starts and stops of nonlinear load, active filter is needed. The equipment can pour in the power grid the opposite phase current with the harmonic source current.

In short, we can design a small investment and high efficiency, safe and reliable LFPC according to the customer's site situation, and financial ability.

Main technical performance

Can operate continuously under 110% of rated voltage, but no bigger.

Can operate continuously under 130% of rated current, provided with rated frequency and voltage.

Rated current can be computed by the capacitor's rated volume and voltage.

Degree of Protection: Indoor (IP2x to IP4x); outdoor (up to IP41)

Withstand Voltage: Voltage of 2500V, 50Hz against earth for 1 minute, with no breakdown and no flashover.

Insulation: 500V mega-Ohmmeter (100 MΩ range) check the main circuit insulation resistance of the relative should not be less than 1 MΩ, 0.5MΩ if the site is wet.

Noise:Less than 45dB.

Effects in MaKou steel


The THD falls below 4% in accordance with National standards: THD stayed around 3.5% when equipment was on grid, then jumped to 4.5% after removal.


5th order's current harmonics reduced by 50%, whose effect is obvious: before switched on 5th order's current taked up to 35% of appearant current, then falls to 18% after switched on.

Keywords: LFPC Low-Voltage harmonic filter compensating reactive power active harmonic test

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