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Introduction of Product
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HPLC Series of high-voltage reactive power terminal compensation equipment
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Class A agency for SAMWHA Capacitor

HPLC Series of high-voltage reactive power terminal compensation equipment



HPLC Series of High-Voltage reactive power terminal compensation equipment are widely used in metallurgy, building materials, petrochemical, municipal, water supply, drainage, and other sectors. HPLC is synchronous switching with a 3 ~ 10kv high-voltage motor, controlled by the same high voltage switchgear, which can reduce the load current and power loss of the supply network, the line distribution and the transformer, as well as reduce the start-up current of the motor, thus improving the supply capacity and Power Factor of distribution transformers.

HPLC has passed through the type test of the Ministry of Power Industry of Wuhan High Voltage Research Institute as early as 1994, and has passed through the type test of the Ministry of Industry reactive power compensation equipment quality inspection center in 2000. HPLC has reasonable design, reliable quality, and is welcome by the majority of our customers.

HPIC is a Patent product with Patent No.: ZL92227904.7.


Equipped with SAMWHA Capacitor or other imported brands, or domestic-made high-quality full-film dielectric power capacitors, which have advantage such as high reliability, long lifetime, low power loss, low temperature rise.

Equipped with high-voltage expulsion fuses or current limiting fuses on each capacitor as a short-circuit protection to ensure safe operation of equipment.

Though the parallel capacitor share a high-voltage switchgear with the motor, but the current transformer of high voltage switchgear shows only the current of the motor, so HPLC has configured a separate current transformer to monitor the capacitor.

Given the current status of industrial power grid, in each of capacitors' branches, a reactance rate of 6%'s reactor is installed to contain 5th order or higher order harmonics, at the same time limiting the inrush current;

Usually MOA is installed in every High-Voltage switchgear, and motor is connected with the capacitor directly, so the HPLC doesn't configure arrester or discharge coil;

Equipped with high-voltage monitors, and electromagnetic locks, which have a mandatory locking function, to ensure security during operation or maintenance. And equipped with observation windows and cabinet lighting, so customer can monitor the operation of the equipment at any time.

The compensation equipment is cabinet structured, which is sprayed by the corrosion-resistant rust, making it more durable.

Besides the configuration above, we can arrange non-standard configuration according to users' requirements, such as:

Configure high-voltage vacuum contactors, to achieve internal and external control operation: voltage transformer must be installed at the same time as the capacitor discharging equipment, and must install MOA;

Configure combinations of load-switch and fuse: when the high-voltage fuse blown, the load switch automatically trip, which does not affect the motor's operation, in this occasion voltage transformers and surge arresters need to be installed;

Configure isolation switch: high-voltage motor can easily be separated with HPLC.

Protection of equipment

Our self-developed HPJK-L reactive compensation control and protection device can monitor high-voltage compensation equipment.

HPJK-L can sample three-phase current signals, when over-current happened, the compensation equipment panel's over-current indicator will twinkle, and a relay can send back the fault alarm, and this relay should not trip the circuit breaker.

HPJK-L can also sample the zero sequence voltage signal, and the NCS contacts and current-limiting fuse fault contacts. All faults will be sent back through the passive relay to control room, and it also has a RS485 communication port which could communicate with the control room.

All the settings and delay values are provided by us.

Effect of Use

Improving Power Factor above 0.95, saving energy and reducing cost;

Reducing the apparent Power, thus increasing the capacity of transformer.

Improving the quality of power grid, thus extending the life expectation of electrical assemblies.

Improving the start-up characteristic of motor.

Condition of Use

Temperature: -40℃~+45℃ (capacitor's temperature range are chosen by need)

Humidity : ≤95% (at 25℃)

Altitude: Less than 1000m (above 1000m should adopt plateau-type components)

Gradient of installation less than 5º.

No explosive or flammable medium surrounding; no corrosive gas to damage the insulation and the metal; no conductive dust; No severe vibration and shock at the installation site.vere vibration and shock at the installation site.

Power supply meets national standards and no too strong harmonics current in power supply.

Implementation and reference standard

IEC 60871-1 ed3.0

GB/T 11024.1-2010

GB 50227-2008

DL/T 604-2009

DL/T 840-2003

JB/T 7111-1993

Q/MECC 001-2005

Main technical performance

Can operate continuously under 110% of rated voltage, but no bigger.

Can operate continuously under 130% of rated current, provided with rated frequency and voltage.

Rated current can be computed by the capacitor's rated volume and voltage.

Degree of Protection: Indoor (IP2x to IP4x); outdoor (up to IP41)

Withstand Voltage: in Accordance with GB 50150-2006.

Insulation: 2500V mega-Ohmmeter (10,000 MΩ range) check the main circuit insulation resistance of the relative should not be less than 1000 MΩ

Keywords: HPLC High-Voltage motor reactive power terminal compensation synchronous switching

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