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Introduction of Product
MK-80 Series of intelligent high frequency switching DC power supply
MK-TX Series of high frequency switching communication power
MKF Series of battery activation equipment
HPLC Series of high-voltage reactive power terminal compensation equipment
HPIC Series of high-voltage reactive power integrative compensation equipment
HPAC Series of high-voltage reactive power automatic compensation equipment
HFPC Series of high-voltage filtering and compensation equipment
HPJK-A series compensation control and protection device
HPJK-L series compensation monitoring and protection device
LPLC Series of low-voltage reactive power terminal compensation equipment
LPAC\LPFC Series of low-voltage reactive power automatic compensation equipment
LFPC Series of low-voltage filtering and compensation equipment
APF Series of Active Power Filter
LPJK Series of compensation control and protection Device
AP1 Series of AC Converter
AJ1 Series of AC motor soft start equipment
AS1 Series of DC motor control equipment
UP Series of uninterrupted AC power supply
Class A agency for SAMWHA Capacitor

Charging module

Charging module adopts new type large capacity IGBT power element as well as advanced PWM pulse duration modulation techniques, based on which new components such as free-interference computer and series A/D, D/A inverter are utilized for the purpose to fulfill module intelligent control. Module start/stop control, data set and operating state monitoring can all be realized by communication interface.

The output capability of charging module can up to 50A, advancer to other same line domestic manufacturers. As to the most users, only double charging modules can satisfy their requirement for capacity and reliability.

Charge module adopts a unique structure which make charge current no relations to the load change of control bus. Even to small capacity battery, stable continuous charge can also be guaranteed without over-charge or under-charge. Further to good voltage-regulated and current-regulated precision, the power usage safety and battery lifetime can be ensured.

The charging module has many kinds of capacities and output of 110V or 220V for the user to select, and all modules can be switched on or off when the power is on, what make it conveniently to operate and maintain.

MOS Series CD220-10;



Using new soft-switch technology, high efficiency and high reliability. high reliability.

Advanced power factor correction technology, the power factor above 0.92, meets EMI, EMC standards.

Advanced Automatic Current sharing measures, automatic sharing load if connected in parallel, easy system expansion.

Can be hot plugged or unplugged for easy maintenance.

Comprehensive protection measures, to maximize service life.

With RS485 interface, suitable for unattdisclaimered.

Technical parameters:

Input Voltage: three phase three lines 323V~475V

Input Current: ≤10A

Frequency: 50HZ±10%

Efficiency: ≥92%

Range of Ouput Voltage: 176~286V (Series of 220V);99~143V (Series of 110V)

Rated Output Current: 10A (Series of 220V), 20A (Series of 110V)

Rise time of Voltage: 3~8 s

Range of rated constant current: 1~10A (Series of 220V), 1~20A (Series of 110V)

Stabilized Current Precision: ≤±0.5% (20% current limiting test)

Load Ripple Voltage: ≤0.1%

Stabilized Voltage Precision: ≤±0.5%

Noise: ≤45dB

Insulation Resistors: ≥10MΩ

IGBT Series CDJ220 (110)-20;CDJ220 (110)-30;CDJ220 (110)-40;



Wide Range of Input Voltage: 323~456V

Speical Design for batteries life expectation.

Compatible with the natural cold air, reduce noise and extdisclaimer fan life.

Intelligent interface for unattdisclaimered site.

Technical parameters:

Input Voltage: three phase four lines 380V-15%~380V+20%

Frequency: 50HZ±10%

Ouput Voltage: 198~286V (220V Series of );99~143V (110V Series of )

Ouput Current: 20A, 30A, 40A

Stabilized Voltage Precision: ≤±0.5%

Stabilized Current Precision: ≤±0.5%

Ripple Voltage: ≤0.1%

Noise: ≤45dB

Monitor Unit ZYJK-1


Monitoring unit is composed by the display unit, Relay unit and AC/DC Monitoring Unit



a. monitor and control voltage of the bus, switch and battery, and current of the control bus and battery charge and discharge, and when they exceed the set limit to alarm with sound and light.

b. monitoring the Dual AC power supply voltage and the status of AC contactor. When the one AC supply voltage is too high or too low, it will automatically switch to the other AC supply and alarm with sound and light.

c. Under the basic configuration, can detect up to 24 feed switches' status and 8 system switches' status (including AC distribution switch, the DC output switch, battery charge switch, battery fuse, and AC contactor and Arrester fault). When the switch fails to alarm with sound and light.

Battery Management:

Automatically convert between floating and equalizing, limiting charge current, equalizing charge periodically and temperature compensating. Real-time controlling in accordance with the battery charging curve set by customer.

Control functions:

Charging module start/stop; current limiting; charging voltage regulating; floating/equalizing conversion.

Alarm function:

One integrative fault relay output and up to 5 configurable fault output relay for the user if necessary.

Insulation monitoring function

Flash Relay Function


Using industrial-grade 32-bit microprocessor, faster, stronger and more reliable.

Communication port, analog channel, digital channel are fully isolated, in line with international standards of high-level immmoduley.

Monitoring units integrate touching screen, AC and DC sampling, the switch input and output, control of silicon chains, insulation monitoring relays and flash relay into one high-disclaimer monitoring systems.

Monitoring unit can accurately sample a variety of operating parameters, can automatically control the battery charging.

Monitoring bus and branches insulation status. Each insulation monitoring module can monitor the 32 feed circuits. If necessary, the system can be configured up to 8 insulation monitoring module, monitoring 128 feeder circuits.

Monitoring unit can be realized inspection of batteries using solid state relays. Unique single cell surface temperature data sampling, as an alternative to battery internal resistance testing, important for users who need high reliability.

Communication port of RS485 and RS232 standards, and with a variety of industry standard communication protocols to conmmunicate with the automation system. So to realize unattdisclaimered site.

Using advanced digital temperature sensor that can communicate directly with the microprocessor, eliminating the need for A / D conversion, making it more precise.

Equipped with a digital potentiometer to proofread parameters.

Equipped with settings and control password, non-authorized personnel can not change setting, to ensure system security.

Adopts a 320×240 matrix touching Screen.

Monitoring unit equipment can stores up to 180 current faults and 180 history faults.

In the discharge measurement, the system will give control signal to load the discharging load and lower ouput voltage. When the battery voltage reaches the final voltage, the system can give control signal to remove the discharging load and return to normal operation, preventing battery depletion due to the user's negligence, and help extending battery life.

With electromagnetic compatibility and safety measures, in line with IEC standards.

Insulation monitoring unit JYJC-1



Using microcomputer control technology, high testing speed and good reliability.

With RS485 interface for communication with the host.

n addition to inspection branch earthing resistance, it can also calculate voltage and earthing resistance of positive and negative bus.

Can accurately spot the situation in which positive and negative bus with the same degree of insulation decline.

Technical parameters:

Operation Voltage: DC 85V~320V

Rated Power: ≤25W

Numer of insulation branches: 32

Fault output contacts: 1

Current sensor: Rated Voltage:±12V, Rated Current: ±10mA DC, Rated Ouput Voltage: ±5V

Communication ports: RS485

Battery inspection Unit DCXJ-1



With a accurate single-cell voltage detection, and alarm if voltage is abnormal.

Accurate detection of battery temperature.

Advanced temperature detection of each cells. (non-standard).


Advanced microcomputer control technology, high testing speed and good reliability.

Voltage Inspection using solid state relays, high-speed inspection without fear for the life expectation of mechanical relays.

High-precision temperature detection using a bus-type digital temperature sensor with accuracy of  less than 0.5 ℃, long-distance transmission does not affect the accuracy.

Monitoring of the surface temperature of battery cell is an important means of performance evaluation. Due to increases of cell's internal resistance, the surface temperature will be higher than other normal cells. Experience shows that when resistance increases by 25%, which is serious dysfunctional, the cell's surface temperature was higher, but the floating charge voltage is still maintained at the normal value. Thus, by monitoring the surface temperature of the cell, dysfunctional ones can be detected earlier.

Battery temperature detection  is ideal for important and critical sites.

Battery Activation Module DCHH-1



Unconnected or under long-time Floating Charging, the active substance on the plates of Battery will be gradually vulcanized, which in turn will cut its discharging capacity. When emergency occurs, the battery voltage will decrease rapidly, failing to support the important loads. Periodic activation of the battery can activate the material on plate of batteries, thus restoring the battery capacity, extending its life expectation and improving the reliability of emergency DC power supply.

Activation module can start automatically when final voltage set by customer is met and can check battery's capacity during activation.


Advanced microcomputer control technology, excellent performance.

Energy feedback to network, saving energy.

Battery capacity: 20Ah~3000Ah.

Automatic activation process, easy to operate.

Calculate batteries' capacity.

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